Yoga Styles

Vinyasa Flow

In my Vinyasa Flow classes, we embrace the fluidity and dynamic nature of movement.

With a synchrony between breath and movement, we flow through creative sequences that build strength, flexibility, and suppleness. Each class offers a balanced blend of energetic and calming postures, allowing you to find your flow and tap into the present moment. No single class will be the same, each with a different focus/ theme which could be around a chakra, a specific area of the body or an emotional/ energetic theme. You will leave the class feeling energised and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Yin Yoga

In my Yin Yoga classes, I offer a deep meditative practice that targets the connective tissues of the body (such as the fascia, ligaments, bones and joints).

With a focus on longer-held passive poses (several minutes for each pose), we delve into a state of stillness, allowing time for the body to relax and release tension. Through the use of props and mindful breathwork, we encourage the body to let go and find its flexibility. Yin Yoga is often described as the ‘fountain of youth’, promotion circulation and rejuvenation to the body. A sequence of Yin asanas can have a similar effect on our body as an acupuncture treatment. Whilst it can be seen as a passive or soft type of yoga, a Yin class can be very challenging due to the long duration of poses. Yin is suitable for all levels and it will complement yang styles of yoga e.g. Vinyassa Flow.

Yoga for Surfers

As a keen surfer I am passionate about the connection between yoga and surfing and their complementary nature.

Whilst travelling around the world I taught yoga to surfers at many different surf camps and retreats. I teach yin style deep stretching classes for surfers targeting the essential areas for surfing such as the shoulders, arms, hips and spine. This greatly aids post-surf recovery by reducing muscle soreness, promoting circulation, and increasing flexibility, allowing you to bounce back quicker and maintain an active surf schedule. By practicing pranayama and breath awareness, you can improve your lung capacity, regulate your breath during intense moments in the water, and manage stress or anxiety that may arise while surfing. I also teach power vinyasa classes for surfers that focus on building strength, stability and flexibility through a dynamic flow working the whole body including the core and shoulders as well as balance postures.